Free Crochet Pattern: Small Bacon Strips

Another Freebie From the Archives

My friend asked me to whip her up a couple pieces of bacon.  Her only requirement was that they be about four inches long. She was planning to make these into earrings.

This is my pattern, using American crochet terms.  It is a simple beginner’s project.

It is made basically the same way the Bacon Headband is made. 

I made this sample bacon using I Love This Yarn acrylic in cranberry and antique white, using a G (4.25mm) hook.

Starting with the cranberry yarn, chain enough stitches to get the length you want, in this case, 4 inches.  You can make your bacon longer or shorter, depending on what you want.

For strip A, drop and cut the cranberry yarn, leaving a short tail to weave in later.  Pick up the white, turned work, chain one stitch, and then begin to single crochet (SC) into the back loop of every stitch to the end of the row.

Work one more row of white, before cutting the yarn, leaving a short tail for later, and changing to the cranberry.  Repeat the same thing: chain one, SC through the back loop of every stitch.

Continue using the cranberry for one more row before fastening off.

Weave in the ends and you are done.

For strip B, I did the same thing, but I changed up the color changes a bit.

Work as above, but with these color changes:

Two rows of cranberry, followed by one row of antique white, then two rows of cranberry.

The basic pattern is: chain your foundation row.  SC through the back loop into the second stitch from the hook.  Turn.  Chain 1 stitch.  SC through the back loop of every stitch.

You can make your piece of bacon as long and as wide as you’d like.  You can add more white rows, or not.  It is all up to you.