Don’t Mind Me

  So much for having a planned out year and keeping up with things, if only online. I would like to tell you that the county here went into quarantine (and is still under quarantine until later this month, from what I last read--and please--the state and the county have different strictures--I am not arguing …

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Update On My Contribution To Ayala Art’s 29Faces Challenge

Here is a series of videos I did on Instagram to show off my completed works. And I am still continuing on working in this same format until I finish this journal...   You can read the limitations I put on myself in this post, if you're interested.

Ayala Art’s 29 Faces February 2020 Challenge

Learn more about this challenge here, from its hostess. Now, I am not going to show my finished pieces until the end ... and maybe not even until the end of the journal I am using, so if you're expecting to see the faces I've created thus're not going to get much... This is …

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Update On The Wednesday Prompts

What is this?  The third Wednesday of this month? It's about time I stood up and let you know what is going on here, right? If you are looking for Wednesday prompts, prompts that I have given out in some form or another since 2006, you won't be finding them this year. This year the …

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Word of The Year 2020 : Reverence

Here I am. Am I caught up from the "holidays"?  No, not really, but then again, I am not caught up from this weekend, last week, or this entire month yet either...however...I am getting there. Case in I am. I have no art to show as no artwork will accompany this post. I …

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