The Joy Of Unbinding in Order To Rebind Journals

photo It's March and I am finally stepping up into the world of binding books again. I have been watching tutorial videos recently. I seem more drawn to tutorials for new binding structures than ever before. Prior to this, I have been happy doing a pamphlet stitch or something else fairly simple. Ahhh...these days …

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Confident Knitting

photo I have joined Confident Knitting, hosted by Arnall-Culliford Knitwear . This is a tear-long knit-along where they send you a pattern monthly and you learn new and interesting techniques ... this year you will learn things to help you knit more confidently. You can sign up on their website, where they also offer …

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Currently In The Works

photo from I had only been a member of the Thriving Scribes Author journaling Club for nine months...and then it closed, as Brit Poe (who runs Thriving Scribes) moves on to work on other things. I understand why she closed down the journaling club. I am completely behind her moving on to work on …

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By Definition: A Weighted Blanket

photo I told you about the 2021 Stashdown Granny Challenge CAL hosted by Jennifer over at Fiber Flux recently. I am nearing the end of my first destash granny. She is currently queen topper size (as in, she covers only the top and none of the sides of our queen bed). Each round of …

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