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A Goals Planner In The Making

photo from unsplash.com I sort of listed out the planners/journals I would be using in the coming year in a prior post, but I didn’t say anything about my goals journal. I am in the process of creating my Goals journal.  These goals may be for 2021, but they are also for farther out, depending …

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Hand-Made Hand-Bound Journals

photo from unsplash.com Last year, I had intended to bind at least twelve books to sell – and I bound not a single book at all.  Although I did make use of ones I had bound the year before.  This year, I have a new bookbinding tool/guide to help me poke the holes in my …

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My Writing Goals For This Year

photo from unsplash.com Last year, I read a lot.  I followed a lot of writers.  I did a little bit of work, here and there, but nothing super solid.  I started the Brit Poe Thriving Scribes Abundant Author Journal Club.  As I started to respond to the prompts she provided every month, it struck me, …

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Prepping And Planning

photo from unsplash.com And so, the New Year begins. I have no reason to jump on the resolution bandwagon.  I have no need of that. This is a year, for me anyway, of goal making…and for reaching those goals. I am still enjoying the hybrid-bujo style planner I have been using for the past few …

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What is Going On Behind The Scenes

photo from unsplash.com So, I have been making a lot of plans behind the scenes here—and I am also quite grateful to Ryder Carroll and to the entire bujo community at large.  I am not sure I would be able to keep up with myself as much as I do (which is not always as …

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