About Me, Who I Am…

Hello. My name is Tabitha Low and I am a writer. I am a lot more than “only” a writer. I am married, with children, and dogs, way too many cats, and some fish too.

I have homeschooled for about twenty years. I have one who graduated and one still working his way through things.

I have been a mentor, counselor, and coach for, yeah, longer than I have been homeschooling. I am also involved in Yoga and Meditation, with more decades in both than I care to admit publicly or privately.

I enjoy knitting hats and sweaters. I crochet blankets. I am a planner in training. Even though I have been planning for a long time, I still have so much to learn. And I like that. I am currently working with a hybrid Bullet Journal.

I also draw and paint. I keep an art journal. I make my own art journals. I make all sorts of journals, from nice little pretty hand-made books to thick and overflowing junk journals.

I love it all. And I will share it all as well. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.