This Is My New Online Home

It’s been quite a while to say that I am stepping out of the Shadows and working towards … anything in particular again.

I don’t think ‘stepping out of the Shadows’ is the correct term for what I am doing.

Neither is “taking back my power”.  I didn’t give my power away.  I might have hidden it for a bit, but I didn’t give it to anyone or to anything.  I set it down more than anything else.  I put it in the back of the drawer for a bit, until I felt able to take them back up again.

As I am up to it, as I feel up to it, one tiny little step at a time.

So…what is this site about and what is it for?

It is going to be my accountability buddy.  At least that was my original intention.

Then again, I also intended to begin posting on November 1st of this year–but that day was a Friday–the day after Halloween–and if you think I could have kept any of my kids (much less myself) away from the after Halloween sales, let me relieve you of that idea…then there was the weekend…and weekends are always a hectic time…and there was a Pokemon Go event–and yes, we do play Pokemon Go around here and you may hear about it…just don’t expect me to tell you how to ‘win’ or anything useful.  I do what I do…and I try to keep up with my husband…and we try to keep our son’s account viable, while still allowing him to have the characters and whatnot he likes and wants to have.

I will give you a bit of an overview as to what you will hear about here.

Pokemon Go

Spiritual things

Mental health things

Physical health/chronic health issues things

Fiber things, including knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing

Homeschooling/special needs issues

Home and Hearth

Writing, including essays, non-fiction, poetry, fiction

Book-making/book-binding, including junk journals

Art, including art journalling, mixed media, sketching, collage, and whatever else comes out

Bead making–I just recently learned how to make paper beads and my tools to make it easier have arrived

Animals, both inside the house and those that live outside, including the cats and dogs and fish that live in the house…as well as rabbits, squirrels, birds, and whatever else ambles through our back yard (which includes raccoons and possums usually)



Nature, including Wheel of the Year, Lunar cycles

Witchy things, including Grimoire work

Written journalling, including planning

Tarot/Oracle Cards

Magical/Witchy things

Yes, the prompts on Wednesday–and for other things (like MerMay, Halloween, April poetry month, etc etc) will be happening on this blog.

I have a list of categories somewhere to keep myself in line…and yet right now I just cannot find it…because that is how organized I am.

I am planning to do an introductory series of posts to explain who I am, what I do and why I do…among the other posts I have planned.

Plus, I have at least three or four posts that are currently locked up in my Linux laptop that I am waiting for my husband to crack into — it’s old and it came with its own issues…there will be other things not currently on the above list, simply because they are not coming to mind at the moment…so…you may be surprised.

As we go along, I will share my process as to how I do things, like the current granny square blanket I am working on, like the Coptic bound journal I just made, etc etc…there will be tutorials.  There will be showcases of my work.  I completed my first Inktober challenge this year.

I am also in the process of setting up online stores so you can purchase various courses and patterns and whatnot from me…please remember it is a process and I usually have five minutes in front of a computer every day–and I have a great deal of work to do.  I want to rework a few of my courses before I put them back up for sale.  That sort of thing.

More than anything else, this site is now my online journal and the place where I come to keep myself accountable.  Should you care to join me, I will be deeply grateful.

I would like to say I plan to post frequently here, but I am going to err on the side of caution and say I will post at least weekly, until I find that space I need, until I make that space I need…

Come on along.  Sign up to receive emails of every post (see sidebar).  Sign up to follow blog (see sidebar).  Come.  Comment.  Interact.  Play.