Free Crochet Pattern: Bacony Head Warmer

Another Freebie from The Archives

This pattern is strictly for the headband.  Not the fried eggs.  I did not design nor did I create the pattern for the fried eggs.  I used this pattern to make the fried eggs.

Now, what I know about crochet could fit inside a thimble, so if I get something wrong or if something is unclear, please let me know.

I use American crochet terms here.

This pattern requires you to be able to create a simple chain, as well as being able to single crochet (SC) through the back loop.  Basic sewing skills are needed at the end of the project.

Here’s the pattern:

This sample is knit using I Love This Yarn acrylic yarn, which Hobby Lobby carries.  The colors I used were cranberry and antique white.

I used a G hook (4.25 MM).

I started with the cranberry.

I didn’t have the person for whom this headband was being made in my possession…so I fudged and used my own head.  I crocheted a chain stitch as long as my head is around, measuring it against where the headband would sit once it was done.  Now, I made sure that both ends touched, but just barely.  When you do this part, it might seem as if the headband will be too tight.  Once you start working stitches into the chain, you will gain a bit of ease.  This headband is a snug fit.  If you would like a looser fit, or if you have a bigger head to fit, just add some more chain stitches until you are happy.

After creating the chain, I SC into the second stitch from the hook, through the back loop.  I repeated this down the length of the chain, SC through the back loop of the stitch, still using cranberry.

Here I cut the yarn, leaving a tail a couple inches long for weaving in later.  I picked up the antique white and attached it to my work, chained one stitch, and then I began to SC through the back loop into every single stitch the length of the row.

I did this for four rows.

Then I cut the white yarn, leaving a tail a couple inches long for weaving in later, and picked up the cranberry again.

I chained one stitch, and then proceeded to work a SC into the back loop of every stitch for the length of the row.

I repeated this row again, in cranberry.

Then I switched to the antique white.  Following the same formula: chain 1, SC through the back loop of every stitch…I worked in white for two rows.  Then I switched to the cranberry and worked in the same manner for four rows.  I cut the yarn, and finished the last stitch off.

Using the tails from the yarns, I united the two separate ends of the head warmer to make it into a continuous circle.  I sewed the white sections together using white yarn tails.  I sewed the red sections using red yarn tails.

I then finished weaving in all the ends.

Voila…headband all done.