Planning The Next Blanket Project

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Making this 2023 Temperature Blanket has been so much fun for me.

I have already made it clear that I hate the idea of making up a bunch of tiny little squares and then having to seam them together, BUT I have a tendency to put on knit and/or crochet videos when I am working on my Temperature Blanket or whatever other project I am working on.

Currently, I have my Goth Klaralund still in pieces. I have one more sleeve to make before I can sew her together and wear her. Once she is done, I will write a post about the modifications I did and why I made them. The good news is I will have enough yarn to finish her.

Now, watching other people and their tutorials is a terrible thing.

When the Harry Potter Crochet book first came out, my youngest and I decided we wanted to make the Burrows Blanket…or rather he decided I had to make it for him.

I made the yarn substitution and bought colors as close to the pattern as we could come. I have a stash of Joann Big Twist Value Worsted in the correct colors for the Burrows Blanket.

Yes, I love this yarn for blankets. It’s cheap. It’s sturdy. It holds up well for years.

Also, the colors in the blanket are very much my colors anyway.

I chose my hook and made a single test square of the pattern in the book and … called it a day.

Then, I started to see a lot of join-as-you-go (JAYG) videos coming through. Like this one:

Then, I saw this one crochet granny square blanket where the seaming and joining on the squares was so cool, at least to me, that I put it in my I have to do this pile/list.

It starts here:

This is the second/joining video:

After those two videos, I started to think that maybe I would make the boho granny square blanket and using that joining style to finish it using the Burrows Blanket yarn I have stashed.

Then I did the math. For the boho blanket, I think the squares are five inches by five inches square. For a typical (and my preferred size) king-sized blanket, I would need twenty-one squares across. Yes, I rounded down there, not up.

That means I would need twenty-one squares down as well.

All together that’s about four hundred forty-one squares.

F.O.U.R. H.U.N.D.R.E.D. F.O.R.T.Y. O.N.E.


That is exactly why I don’t do granny squares to make blankets.

However, if I make squares that are, say, ten inches by ten inches, that knocks the total in half. I know, it is still two hundred, but it is a start.

So, after all that math, I started to think, ok, so the original pattern for the Burrows Blanket isn’t that bad.

I still need to pull that pattern up and take a look at it. I have the book sitting on my desk.

I took a look at all the projects on Ravelry for the Burrows Blanket, and I am not thinking that I want to use that type of granny square for the blanket I have in my head.

Once I have everything decided and I begin to move forward with this project, I will let you know and keep you up to date with it.