Plans Once I Finish My Knitted Klaralund Sweater

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I am working on sleeve number two for my Klaralund as we speak. Then it will be a simple thing to sew the sleeves to the body and be done. This is not my first Klaralund but it has been a long time since I made my first one. It is still one of my favorite patterns.

Details on the Klaralund will be coming once she is complete.

I am already looking ahead to my next project.

I have been telling myself I need to make myself a cardigan. Winter was nearly over before I found my beloved thrift-store-found not-handmade cardigan this year. I put it somewhere safe, where I would never forget where I put it, not in a million years—and then promptly forgot where I put it.

It was hanging in the closet on a hook in the closet in our office. Who would have thought to look there?

Honestly, I thought I had donated it in order to force my hand, to force myself to knit or crochet a cardigan.

I didn’t.

I actually preferred to be cold rather than pull the yarn and start work on a cardigan.

It was a rough winter; what can I say?

However, I have my next make: a crocheted Hexagon Cardigan.

You can find patterns for them all over the place online lately.

The pattern that I plan to use is this free one from Hobbii. I will not be adding buttons. I never button a cardigan. I rarely button or zip up coats unless we are going to be outdoors for an extended amount of time, which is pretty rare lately.

Any time I start to forget that this is my next make, something piques my interest again.

As I was working on a project, the following video came through on my YouTube feed:

This of course sparks more interest and more desire to make myself one.

My goal for this year, other than project requests and my Temperature Blanket, I am going to not buy any yarn. I will stash dive for my yarn.

In my stash, I know I have a Caron Simply Soft rose heather and a Caron Simply Soft chocolate. I have a stash of these because I would buy two to four skeins at a time with the intention of knitting a blanket with these two colors. I did this for a long time, over a year.

I once used a skein of each once to make an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket for our daughter, but she didn’t make it to full-term.

I should have plenty of these skeins still skulking about my stash. I bought them, something like, fifteen years ago. It is about time I did something constructive with the yarn. Plus, I know I will have more than enough of the yarn to make the cardigan.

Now, when I go stash diving, I may find other yarn that may work better, but we will deal with that when we get to it.

I am hoping to be able to start this jacket by the end of this week. Fingers crossed.

I’ll keep you updated.