Knitting And Crochet Update

Are you wondering if I completed every crochet block I intended to make in December? Nope. I made one. I love the blocks. I love this pattern. I have never made a granny square in this manner before and I love it. The hook I used for that first one–hated it. Ordered a Prym hook via Amazon instead…and by the time it arrived, I was too ill and too exhausted to care. And so I let that go.

And how about the knitted headband things? I made one. Worsted weight yarn. Needles per the pattern. I wore it for three days after I made it. It’s too thick. The yarn is simple acrylic. Nothing fancy. Leftovers. I think it’s Big Twist yarn. (NOT an affiliate link.) It was too hot to wear. Maybe it’s because the temperatures were insane here in early December when I made it; maybe it’s just my uber-sensitive head/scalp. (I can’t wear bobby pins, plastic headbands, barrettes, metal anything. I wear the claw clips, but that’s about it. I don’t even use ponytail holders anymore.) I’ve been thinking of using a K weight yarn on, say, a US 10 needle, but I found some very simple tutorials for sewing headbands on YouTube…and with all the sewing I need to do for the holidays (that I haven’t done yet) I will have plenty of scraps…I have plenty of elastic to make headbands for days using my sewing machine–and so that is what I am planning to do as soon as I pull my machine out.

I did complete my Holiday sweater.

Although you can’t really tell on my eager and willing model here, the sweater turned out pretty nice. I did an elbow-length sleeve. The green doesn’t stand out all that well, but in bulky yarn, I had my choice then of greens or greys, two shades of each, so I took what I could get. This was taken before washing and blocking.

It’s a simple acrylic yarn, Knit Picks Brava Bulky (NOT an affiliate link).

A project I didn’t post about was a hat for my oldest son. I used a bunch of different colorways to create this hat for him:

I may have to write the pattern for this one up later this year and put it out.

Now one pattern that I am planning to write up and publish this month (knock on wood) is my two-colored four-inch brim hat I knit for the men of my house (one each…) — they chose their own colors. I have yet to knit my own two-color four-inch brin hat up yet, but it is on my list.

The top yarn is variegated for both and did all the work for me.

Right now I am nearly finished on a snow day sweater. (no pictures yet).

The description says bulky yarn, but the stats say super bulky yarn. I don’t have enough super bulky yarn to knit a sweater–although I am planning to stash dive later this month and see what Aran weight yarns I have on hand (two strands of Aran weight yarn held as one equals super bulky–for example, two strands of Vanna’s Choice yarn, which I should have somewhere) (NOT an affiliate link). I decided, since heavy sweaters literally hold me down and tire me out, that I would use a bulky acrylic yarn. I am using we love yarn from Hobbii (NOT an affiliate link) — I love Hobbii. I get beautiful yarn, shipped from Denmark, that arrives faster than anything I have ordered in the States–and I love the quality…and the prices…oh yes.

I am knitting the pattern as written, minus the actual colorwork. I am working on the second sleeve–the lower body is ready and waiting for the sleeves to be added on. I am also, for once, knitting the sleeves long (21 inches actually, although the pattern calls for 20 inches–it was an accident I have to repeat for the second arm and it works out for me anyway). I am using the called for US 15 needles. So far, everything is coming out the way it should. And if this works, I will have used less than four skeins of the we love yarn bulky (in colorway 6) — so far, I am happy…and I have a lot more bulky yarn now that I can use and play with…and so colorwork — of my own devising — may be the thing for the next sweater I cast on after this.

However, once this sweater is complete (probably in two or three days), I have to knit up some dog walking hats in reflective yarn. One for each of the three of us.

That’s my yarny update for now.

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