My December Crochet Project

Photo by Karen Penroz on Unsplash

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This year, I have no real desire to participate in a CAL or a KAL–although I have signed up to do the Leave Gnome Stone Unturned KAL, simply because I love these gnomes–and I probably won’t even think about doing anything with it until after January first anyway.

With this in mind, and also I bought the yarn when the book originally arrived (I had pre-ordered the book, so it came in as quickly as Amazon could get it here.) –and I mean, the day the book arrived, I started researching appropriate affordable yarns to substitute what the pattern calls for and by the end of the week, I had the yarn stacked up on a shelf in my room waiting to be used.

The book in question is: Harry Potter: Crochet Wizardry. The project in question is: The Burrow Blanket.

This is a lovely blanket done in these lovely Autumnal colors that I love so much. The pattern calls for Knit Picks City Tweed, which is a DK weight yarn, and a 5mm crochet hook. I am using Joann Fabric’s Big Twist yarn. It has a more matte finish that I appreciate. This yarn is a worsted weight, similar to Red Heart Super Saver, only … not as squeaky, if you know what I mean. I love to use this yarn for things like hats and blankets…and soon slippers, because slippers are on my list of have to knit up as many as quickly as I can. (Why? Because my dog is a comedian. She will step on the heel of my slipper to take it off me as I walk and then snatch it away as soon as there is enough fabric free without knocking me over…and then I either have to exchange my slipper for a treat or she will shake that slipper and toss it up in the air and chew and slobber all over it — without tearing it, believe it or not– or we play tug-of-war–in which case, I can basically just throw that slipper away. The dog in question here is our Saluki/Shepherd mix; she weighs about 75 pounds, for reference.)

Now that you are all caught up on that story, lol, the plan is, using a 6 or 6.5 mm hook, to crochet up one single block per day throughout December. Now there are a TON more blocks than that that need to be made to complete this blanket. Maybe I will work up more than one block per day; maybe one will be all I can manage.

If my son had his way, I would be making one of everything in the book, every single day–and so I keep working on teaching him how to crochet.

What about you? What are your plans for the month? Or do you have enough other things going on? Let me know in the comments below.