Planners, Planners, Planners


This year, I have, in my grubby little clutches, four journals that I am using on a daily basis to keep up with myself.

First is my hybrid bujo…which works really well for me. It is my daily log, my weekly log, a quick and dirty monthly log — I have to write appointments down about a hundred times in order to remember them. I keep collections and project ideas in this planner as well.

Right now I am using an A5 dot-grid journal. I am doing this only because December was a den of sickness for all of us. Not Covid-19…just typical bizarre weather-related garbage that settled in throats and sinuses and chests–and then didn’t let go. Hey, we didn’t even send out holiday cards this year in December as we always do…we were too tired, too sick, and just too done in to try. So, this week, we mailed out New Year’s cards, which we have never done before…but then again we haven’t all been so wrecked during a December like this before. The cards went out. Finally. That’s all I can say.

The intention for 2022 was to have a bunch of handmade handbound journals at hand to use for my everyday planner/bujo/whatever needs…and I still haven’t even gotten to dyeing the papers or anything else at this point. I know all of the parameters I want to have…it’s a matter of getting up the energy to do everything. At least I am slowly making my way towards those goals.

The journal I used in November/December was a simple, plain paged Coptic bound thing. Nothing fancy. However, with all the tip-ins and ephemera I added to it, to use this particular journal every single day for two months was a bit more than the poor thing could handle. Which is fine. I have I think two or three of these journals left…and I can use them for my classwork notes or for art journals. Or maybe just as repositories for a project that requires space, lots of pages, but not constant daily use. At least not with so many tip-ins and additions.

The second planner I am using is my inspiration journal/planner. It’s in an A5 dot-grid journal, for the same reason as my hybrid bujo. I will go into detail about this journal in another post. This is where I work through my whys and whats for the year, where I write down my goals, where I write inspiring quotes and affirmations, where I keep encouraging stickers and whatnot…something that reminds me why I am doing what I do and that I can do what I want to do…

The third planner is my work, or in my case, the workhorse planner. I keep track of my work goals and schedule in this one. I am actually calling it my Quarters planner–because I am breaking down my year into four quarters and working from there, a la HB90 style (NOT an affiliate link). Yes, I am using the HB90 method, as it applies to me, as I pull it out from my printouts. So far, it feels good to me though. We’ll see three, or six months down the road.

The last planner is what I am calling my peace of mind planner. It is a store-bought 2022 (with six months of 2023 included, which I love) monthly/daily calendar where I can schedule everything and not get lost in all the other pages I keep in my other planners. Since I already have a number of medical appointments this year, this thing has been amazing. I keep saying I have to write things down a hundred times to remember them–now I have a place to write every appointment down on the monthly calendar…and something I can keep with me when I go to appointments to ensure I don’t double, or triple, schedule appointments for the same day. Plus, the daily pages are terrific for me to note my scheduled tasks. This way they don’t get lost — which has been an issue with my bujos in the past. Thus, I can keep up with myself and my routine that much more clearly, which is what I needed to have this year.

And that is it for the planners I am using. All A5. All in their own covers. All tabbed and with dangly paperclips and whatnot — even page numbered, with an index. My calendar planner even has a key so I can keep everything color-coded–a first for me.

What about you? What does your planner set-up look like? What is working for you? What are you changing up? Let me know in the comments below.