#MakeitCAL2023 Hosted By Toni Lipsey Of TL Yarn Crafts

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

Toni Lipsey is hosting a Make-Along CAL. You pick the pattern. You might win the prizes.

Read all about it on Toni’s blog right here.

I have spent a couple weeks now trying to figure out what pattern I wanted to make. I had already ordered her book, The Tunisian Crochet Handbook.

I even contemplated buying one of her fabulous pattern bundles, which you can check out here.

Toni has so many amazing free patterns. And since we are on a budget at the moment, I looked through the free patterns over and over and over.

The first thing that struck me is that I want to make the Omar Wrap.

I need more wraps and such to keep my throat covered all year.

But then I put on one of her videos late at night and just let them play…and I found…the Summertime tee pattern, for free:

I had already decided that this is my year to make tops and sweaters and who knows what else by crocheting them for myself. So maybe this is the one…

But with everything I have going on…could I finish this sweater in the allotted time?

Then I saw this: the summertime tank:

click here

The tank is more my style during hot weather, although I will come back for that Summertime Tee later–especially if I think I have plenty of time during the CAL to make both the tank and the tee.

But today, my Tunisian Crochet book (finally) arrived–and I spent the morning wandering the pages, pondering, pondering.

I am still working my simple Tunisian stitch going-be-a scarf-or-a-cowl-thingy to practice the stitch and get the muscle memory building. Some days, I do work only two rows, but that keeps the skill forefront in my brain.

Should I change my idea? Should I pick something out of the book instead? learn something new?

Well, I have not actually crocheted a top before.

Doll clothes and amigurumi do not count here.

I’ll be learning something new and different no matter which way I choose to go.

So, my project for the CAL is the Summertime Tank. If I finish that one and have the time, I will move on to the Summertime Tee. And then I will crochet the cute beanie in the Tunisian book … because, why not?

As for the yarn, I am going to go stash diving and see what I have on hand that will be appropriate for this project.

I’ll let you know when I have it all figured out.