Coming In February: Free Knit Along

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In February I will be releasing a lace shawl pattern that I designed several years ago but never finished the full test knit.

It was originally going to be my wedding shawl.  In the end, I didn’t wear a shawl or anything too fancy for my wedding.

I did test knit the basics of the pattern, as it is a lace pattern.  I made many corrections to the pattern based on that. 

I have had this pattern sitting here for more than ten years.  I have reached a point where I am trying to release all of my old patterns, and my old work, for free, through my blog, my Medium account, and my Substack newsletter. 

I am in the process of releasing the old work to make room for the new work I am planning on doing throughout this year and the coming years.

I am trying to balance releasing the older work while releasing newer things as I go along.

I will be releasing pieces of the pattern, KAL-style (knit along, for those who don’t know) on a weekly basis.

Now, for this shawl, you decide what weight of yarn and what size needle you would like to work with.

I am not sure that this would be a good knit to do with bulky or larger yarn, unless you really wanted to try it that way.

I cannot personally work with lace-weight yarn. 

When I worked the pattern out and did my own test knitting, I used a DK weight yarn, and then later I worked up a bit on worsted weight yarn.

As I have said, I never knitted the full shawl out to the end.  I cannot tell you for sure how much yarn it will take.

I will release a gauge swatch hopefully by Monday, January 23rd.  If not, at least sometime that week.

I will make sure the title of the post is clearly marked KAL/Knitting in case you want to skip those posts.