A Little Reflection Is All It Takes

Photo by Arun Thomas on Pexels.com

If you have followed me for a while. you know I Bullet Journal.

Ryder Carroll developed the Bullet Journal Method. I have read his book. I regularly read posts on the blog of his website.

I follow a plethora of Bullet Journalers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Most Bullet Journal set-ups contain a great deal of art, color, and other bits of beauty.

I am more of a minimalist. Sometimes all I use are colorful pens and maybe some highlighters. I get into moods where I love to use washi tape and random stickers. Functional stickers and I do not get along all that well because I have no real use for them.

Hear me out. I love to watch other people use functional stickers. They always look great in other peoples’ journals. I myself find most of them far too small for me to recognize if I am flipping through my journal for any reason. My eyesight is not the best. I have two pairs of glasses. One for distance and one for reading. Flipping through my journal to check on my takes for the day, I am typically wearing my distance glasses, so it takes effort for me to see what is in my journal.

I am in the process of reading this book, Journal Planning Magic by Andrea Gonzalez. (not an affiliate link)

I have not gotten very far into this book because I simply haven’t been making time to read lately due to being so ill and so tired. But while I was reading, I found this one little tidbit that has completely changed my thinking about the way I am doing things.

It is a simple little thing.

I have never heard it spoken about in any video I have watched. I have never heard it mentioned in any book club I have been a member of when we have read through this book, not online nor in person. I have never read about it in a blog post or in a book.

Now, maybe it is me. Maybe I have simply missed it all along and only now is it clicking.

Maybe it’s because I have been driving myself nuts trying to find that one thing that will be my morning reflection and my evening reflection questions.

When you go to migrate your tasks from one page to another, you pause for a moment and think about why. Why is this task important — or not? Why am I moving this task– or not? What does this task mean to me? What will completing this task do for me? What will ignoring it do?

After you migrate your tasks to wherever you are migrating them to, the next day, the next week, the new month, and so on, you stop for the moment and write for a minute or two, jot down your reasons for migrating or not migrating each task. It’s not meant to take long. It’s not meant to be a huge ordeal. You take a few seconds and write down a few words. That’s it.

It has been a game changer this past week as I have begun to implement this reflective moment in my day-to-day journaling.

I know. It doesn’t seem to be all that much. It has had a large impact on what I do, when I am able, but it has also had a huge impact on my thinking, for when I am not able to do everything I mean to do in a day due to health issues.

Why not try it in your journaling? Try it for a few days, or maybe for a week. See what it does, if anything, for you.

Let me know in the comments below.