Link Round-Up For The Week

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Well, you know what was posted here on the blog.

So, let me show you what was posted this week on my Medium account:

It Is The Final Harvest Of The Year

Weekly Mermaid Prompts (everyone needs to know about these, lol)

That Missing Piece In My Journaling

Maybe you are seeing a common theme between what I am writing here on the blog and what I am writing on Medium. Although the topics and more than likely the main gist of what I am writing are similar, each post is different from the other. You won’t know how until and unless you read them.

Now, here is what I posted on YouTube this week:

Final Walk-Through of my July 2022 BuJo

Large Passion Planner, Re-Dated For 2023

My Weeks Planner System Set-Up

August 2022 Flip-Through

Daily Ritual Journal #1

Of course, last but not least, what came out on Substack this week:

As The Natural (World) Moves Into Its Next Cycle


I honestly hope you are enjoying the journey along with me.