My 2023 Planner Is Ready

A video run-through of my re-dated large Passion Planner.

If you have seen my Passion Planner haul video here, you will have seen that I have a stack of planners, mostly older ones.

I have never used a large Passion Planner before. There is so much room, it is blowing my mind. I had spent a few months worrying about if I would need a planner for my home/personal life, my writing, and my work…or if I could combine work and writing. With this large planner, I think I am going to be able to plan everything all in one spot, all in one go, and still have some room left over. Knock on wood.

I chose the large-size planner because of the reason above.

I do love the decorated Passion Planner covers, but I have become partial to the plain covers, colorful covers, but plain all the same. Since I Bullet Journal, I have developed a liking for the soft linen covers of certain notebooks. I am used to covering my cover with a sticker if there is something I am not all that enamored with on the cover. Even when I buy directly from Passion Planner, I tend to buy the black covers so I can decorate them the way I want to decorate them. That is my normal preference.

I’ve already started to do this with this planner. Of course, I always try to put a Passion Planner sticker on the front of a Passion Planner. I found my old SketchBox sticker and threw that on. Who knows what other stickers will find their way onto the front cover before January and throughout the coming year? That’s part of the fun.

What about you? Have you chosen a planner for 2023 yet, even if you haven’t bought it? What are you thinking about for your next year’s planner? Let me know in the comments below.