What Makes You Happy?

Photo by sergio souza on Pexels.com

What makes you happy?

Choose a page in your Grimoire. You can use as many pages as you like here.

In my first Grimoire, I had several pages, randomly throughout the book, where I made ‘What Makes Me Happy’ pages.

This is where you can add photos, collage, doodles, or lists. Whatever you want.

You can also create a colorful background of your choosing. If you are going to have several of these pages throughout your journal, perhaps you want to create the same background on every single page so that you recognize what the page is as soon as you see the background.

Now, either as part of your background, before paint or collage or whatever, create a list of a few of your favorite things. Your favorite person. Favorite place. Favorite animals. Favorite foods. Favorite outfit. Favorite hairstyle. Favorite make-up look. And so on.

You could absolutely do this on a separate piece of paper. This way you don’t forget anything on your list that you wanted on your page once you start decorating.

You could just write a bunch of words on your page and let it be what it is.

You can add photos, pages from newspapers or magazines, or pieces of packaging from your favorite goods. You can add whatever you want. Paints. Splatters. Papers. Doodles. Stamps.

This is your book. Make it your own.

Why are we doing this?

Because we want to be able to come to our Grimoire and be cheered by its contents. We use our Grimoire to bolster our confidence. As we change, we add more to our Grimoire to reflect that. what we learn, we add to our Grimoire. As we grow, we add that to our Grimoire.

Our Grimoire is a process, just as living our lives is a process. Our grimoire is there to support us through all things.