How To Write Yourself Letters Of Encouragement

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You know what upsets you.

You know what angers you.

You know what hurts you.

Now. Imagine that you are not yourself. You are your best friend. Your favorite family member. Your favorite person in the whole world.

This person comes to you. They are upset. They are angry. They are hurt. They are ashamed. They are embarrassed.

Now. Pick up your pen or pencil and start writing to your most favorite person. Console them. Encourage them. Bolster their spirits.

Write this favorite person of yours those words you yourself need to hear but no one ever tells you. Maybe your friends say these things to you, but you don’t believe them when they do.

Say them in the letter, in the series of letters.

When you are done, sign your name.

Then, where it should say Dear (your name), make sure it says Dear Your Name.

Then, fold them up. Do not seal them. You can read and re-read these letters every time you need a little something extra to help pick you up. You can read them even when you don’t.

Remember, you have to love yourself first before you can learn to love someone else.

Treat yourself with kindness. Treat those around you with kindness as well.