Let’s Add Some Quotes To Your Grimoire

Photo by Claire Morgan on Pexels.com

Some days we need a little something extra.

As we are using our Grimoires as a sacred place and a safe space, it seems a great place to include quotes and random words to help pick you up when you need a quick boost.

First, let’s think about how we want to add the quotes to our book.

Do you want to create a background, a spread, where you simply pop in your quotes as you go using whatever writing instrument you have in hand?

Do you want a single plain color background so you can list your quotes in order as you find them?

Do you want to create boxes and have each box decorated differently, with each box containing a single quote?

Do you want to create invisible boxes for your quotes that you decorate around, say, using stickers, stamps, or doodles?

One background I like when I do things like this is a single watercolor paint spread thinly all over the page. If it gets too bright, then I use a thin white paint (I thin it with a bit of water, not too much) or white gesso. I use a brayer to apply to push the color back but still see the color. I often do this while the paint is still wet so I don’t get a plain white overlay, but the watercolor paint adds a bit of color to the paint or gesso.

Where do you find quotes?

Your favorite: movies, books, songs, videos, podcasts.

Check out Pinterest and in the search bar enter the word quotes.

If you are looking for a particular type of quote, type in the specific topic you are looking for: Stranger Things quotes, Oscar Wilde quotes, inspiration quotes, magical quotes, transformational quotes, and so on.

How do you write out your quotes?

Try lettering in your quote. Scribble your quote down in your own writing, using a ballpoint pen. Write in bold capital printed letters. Write them in tiny cursive letters with colored pencils.

The choices are limitless. Do what feels right to you. Use quotes that feel good to you.

Plus, there is nothing stopping you from adding quotes in a different way every time you add a quote.

You could take a single quote and create either a single or double-page spread with that quote. It could be an abstract piece or you could create elements specific to the quote and/or to the way the quote makes you feel. Use collage, imagery ripped out of magazines, random items that come in the mail, grocery receipts or labels, anything that appeals to you in some way.

Remember this is your book. What makes it mean something to you?

That is the whole purpose of the book. To make it mean something to you.