Create A Space For Kindness

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The world outside your house, outside of your own head, can sometimes be a brutal space. This is especially true if you are an introvert or highly sensitive, or, like me, both.

You need a space where you can come to and see, feel, touch a bit of kindness. Something more than petting your cat or hugging your teddy bear, although there is nothing wrong with either of those things.

Open your Grimoire to any unused page. Or maybe you want a two-page spread. Choose whatever best resonates with you, either a single-page spread or a double page.

I am going to give you several ways to create this spread that will hopefully be a space for you to come to energize yourself and rekindle a trembling sore heart when needed.

  1. Make a list.
    Take your single favorite pen and write down acts of kindness.
    You can write down things you want to do and/or things you want to experience
    You can write down things people have done to/for you. For example, a stranger held the door open for you when you were entering the grocery store.
    You can write down things that you have done for other people. Maybe you offered to help someone reach something on a shelf out of their reach.
    Even the smallest acts of kindness count. A smile. A gesture. A word. A nod. Make a list and check it twice. Expand or expound upon anything you want or feel like.
  2. Pick a certain number, maybe ten, perhaps twenty, or even one hundred. Pick a number that feels attainable to you or feels like enough. Start there.
    Write down your ten or twenty or whatever number of acts of kindness. You can use a single-color pen or many different colored pens. Or you can write with colored pencils. You can highlight different acts if you want.
    Doodle all around, using pens, pencils, markers, or whatever else you have on hand.
    You can add collage, pieces ripped out of magazines, actual photographs, stickers, and/or random bits of ephemera.
    Do this until you find a balance to your page/s and/or until it feels right for you to stop.
  3. The same thing as above, only you lay down paints first and let it dry completely before you add any text or collage.
  4. Write down your list. Then add pops of paint, drips, splatters, or whatever calls to you.
  5. You could lay down layers of collage and write your acts of kindness over the collage.
  6. Do any of the mixed media bits from above, then write your acts of kindness on little bits of card, white paper, cardstock, index cards cut to size, whatever to make it fit on your page. Once your background is dry, glue, stick down, or tape down all of your acts of kindness. If you need more than a single page, or more than two pages, use more pages. So what if it takes three pages or six pages or ten pages for you to write out everything you want to write out? Do it.
  7. Take something from every suggestion above and do it.
    Start by writing down one act of kindness on the blank page. Draw a box around it. Done
    Use different colored pens to write down your act of kindness. Doodle some sort of box, or circle, or whatever all around it.
    Paint a box or shape or something. Let it dry. Write your act on/in that box.
    Glue down some collage. Write your act on that piece of collage.
    You get the picture.

The purpose of this spread is so that when you are feeling sad, disrespected, or unhappy, or if you need some ideas of how to treat people, or how to treat yourself, you come to this page, this spread and you find inspiration. This/these pages should bring you happiness and joy. It should invigorate.

Always be kind, especially to yourself. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

It never hurts you to be kind. You never know when the most simple thing, like a smile given freely to a random person hustling by on the street, might be the one thing that brightens up their entire day.