All About You

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Today in your Grimoire, we are going to create an ‘About Me’ page.

Take out a scrap piece of paper and down all the things you would want to tell someone about yourself.

Some ideas are: age, hair color, height, favorite outfit, favorite book, favorite movie, hobbies, marital status, what city you were born in, where you live now, where you graduated from, children, pets, favorite color.

You get the idea.

Now I am going to give you some background options.

Decide if you want to use one or two pages for this project.

Decide if you want to draw things in yourself, like a self-portrait, or maybe your dog, or your favorite pillow, or even your favorite fuzzy slippers with the bunny ears. Or would you like to use collage, or stickers, or photographs.

What you want to do on top of the background will determine what might be best for your focal subjects. You don’t want too cluttered or colorful of a background or you might not be able to see all the great things about you.

Also, as a caveat, you could leave the background completely plain and then work around what you put down on the page after you write or glue or draw or whatever everything in.

Background idea #1: paint.
You might want to use thin layers of watercolor paint to simply add a color, or more than one, all over the page at random. This will add color without impeding reading and seeing all about you.
You could brayer on different colors of acrylic paint. You could use one or many colors. If the paint seems too loud for you after you put it on the page, you could brayer white paint or black paint over the top to push the vivid colors back.
You could also choose to paint one color across the entire spread. Maybe you use your favorite color. Or even a color you think works well with the spread you are planning.

Background idea #2: collage.
Take pictures out of old books, magazines, junk mail, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, book pages, music scores, old letters, or whatever you have laying around and glue it down at random all over the page.
You can tear things into small pieces and make an intricate and extensive collage.
You can tear your materials into larger pieces and glue them at regular or differing intervals throughout the spread.
You can use large and small pieces of material and create smaller collage spots all over the page, leaving plenty of white space for you to write upon.

Background idea #3: combine ideas one and two and see how it turns out.

Remember, if you hate how it turns out, you can glue down a pretty paper over the entire page or spread—or you can simply paint over everything and start over.

Even if you decide to take scrapbooking paper, book pages, or even plain white paper to glue over everything you have done so far, you are not required to use this page or these two pages for this spread. You can at any time turn to another page, or another spread, and start over from scratch. Another project may suit the covered-up pages better on down the line.

Your background is all tricked out the way you want it. You feel good about continuing.

Do you want to add photos, artwork, stickers, washi tape, or anything else on top of that, as your next layer? Again, you don’t have to. This spread is about you and it is for you.

Let all your glues and your paints and whatever else you used dry completely before you continue on.

Once you are happy, start writing in your facts about yourself.

Use different pens to create different line widths. Use different color pens for each fact. Use highlighters once you finish a fact to boost its appearance. Draw a box or a circle around something that you like. Draw a silly flower around another fact. Doodle. Scribble. Add dots and lines and patterns here and there all over so add interest.

Keep working on things until it feels good to you.

Let it all dry.

Admire your work.

Add a sheet of deli paper in between the pages of your spread if you need to so that the pages do not stick together.

There are other ways to make sure pages don’t stick together, but for now, we’ll go with this method.

If you have to know right now, let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you some more ideas.