February 29Faces Check-In (Updated and Edited)

The final check-in is here.

Here is the main journal I used throughout the challenge for February. I am sure there are a couple other faces in other journals, but these are the ‘official’ ones.

Originally, I was going to use one single reference photo for every single sketch—that did not happen.

Originally, I was going to start painting them in February once my paint arrived–yeah–that didn’t happen either.

I did however make a sketch or three every single day for February–so I am going to call this a success, especially since I haven’t done anything like this in a while.

Perhaps in September of this year, when 29Faces comes around again, I will do profile portraits. We shall have to wait and see.

Btw: if you want to hear about the technical difficulties that caused the delay in posting the video…I put the journal itself somewhere safe so it would be there when I was ready to film the video…and it took a day or two to recall exactly WHERE that was…and so…here we are. Enjoy.

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