February 29Faces Check-In (Updated and Edited)

The final check-in is here. https://youtu.be/LI9Fk8gjme4 Here is the main journal I used throughout the challenge for February. I am sure there are a couple other faces in other journals, but these are the 'official' ones. Originally, I was going to use one single reference photo for every single sketch---that did not happen. Originally, I …

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Projects Check-In

photo unsplash.com So, I haven't been doing that much knitting this month. I did finish the one short-sleeved top based on Knitatude's Stockinette Beginner's Raglan. (not an affiliate link) I used Hobbii's Fluffy Day XL yarn (not an affiliate link). You will see that the pattern calls for Super Bulky yarn and the Fluffy Day …

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February 29Faces Check-In

https://youtu.be/ZDTtwo8aLYo This video shows you the first faces I have sketched out for 29Faces this February. Ayala Art hosts this challenge. You can learn more here on her site. Now, the first journal you see is my "official' for this year's 29Faces challenge journal. There are enough pages in this journal to sketch a face …

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29 Faces In February

photo unsplash.com New year, new 29 Faces hosted by Ayala Art. Check out all the information from her here. The goal is to create 29 Faces during the month of February. Basically, any human face, any medium you chose. For this month (since there is a second 29 Faces challenge in September) I plan to …

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Update On My Contribution To Ayala Art’s 29Faces Challenge

Here is a series of videos I did on Instagram to show off my completed works. And I am still continuing on working in this same format until I finish this journal... https://www.instagram.com/p/B9PxI5-gYrx/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B9PxfImg90e/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B9Pxq54gjE9/ https://www.instagram.com/p/B9Px2gCgJTD/   You can read the limitations I put on myself in this post, if you're interested.

Ayala Art’s 29 Faces February 2020 Challenge

Learn more about this challenge here, from its hostess. Now, I am not going to show my finished pieces until the end ... and maybe not even until the end of the journal I am using, so if you're expecting to see the faces I've created thus far--sorry...you're not going to get much... This is …

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