Projects Check-In


So, I haven’t been doing that much knitting this month. I did finish the one short-sleeved top based on Knitatude’s Stockinette Beginner’s Raglan. (not an affiliate link) I used Hobbii’s Fluffy Day XL yarn (not an affiliate link). You will see that the pattern calls for Super Bulky yarn and the Fluffy Day is a Bulky yarn. I made the pattern in Large to test out how it would work with the thinner yarn…it fits great. I was just too tired of it by the time it was time to make the arms. I had no desire to knit long sleeves and I am partial to short sleeves anyway…so I went with it. The size L fits well, with minimal ease. The fun thing is I have enough of the same color yarn to make another top in XL, with short sleeves, in the same colorway. I want to make an XL only because I like a bit more ease in my sweaters and shirts. I have two other colors of the Fluffy Day XL and at least one of those will end up as a long-sleeved sweater.

Instead of casting on a new sweater, I cast on to make a new Rikke (not an affiliate link). The Rikke hat is one of my favorite hat patterns. The one I wear all the time, made from an acrylic yarn (I think) from Knit Picks years ago (so I have no clue what the yarn is), is getting really ratty…and although I have at least six or seven other Rikke hats I could wear, I decided to make a new one. This one I am making using Hobbii’s Universe in the Orion colorway. (not an affiliate link) I have made this pattern using such hin yarn before and it has turned out gorgeous. I just wanted a deeper — and glittery — blue hat for spring. This yarn really fits the bill. I am not moving too quickly on it though. The week while my husband was gone on his annual ski trip…I might have knit five rounds the entire time he was away. Maybe.

I am thinking the next project I will be picking up after I finish this Rikke hat will be Knitatude’s latest pattern: the Empire State Cardigan. (nope, not an affiliate link) Yes, add another Knitatude pattern to my list of things to knit. After that, I am thinking I will whip up a tee shirt or two using Knitatude’s Pocketful of Stitches Tee (again, not an affiliate link)…before I start working up a few Bra Tops (pattern by Lauren Riker, and no, not an affiliate link). I am thinking a couple of these will become tank tops as well.

I have been keeping up with the 29 Faces challenge hosted by Ayala’s Art. (not an affiliate link). The final video flip-through of my faces will be coming on March 1.

For my 100 Days Project, (nope, not an affiliate link either) #100daysofmjp (meditative journaling process), I have only missed two days…the day dh came back from his ski trip and the day after that — both because they were just so busy and non-stop with one thing after another. This is actually one project I am hoping to continue indefinitely. I am not going to castigate myself for missing a couple days. I am simply going to pick my journal and my pen back up and start the next journal entry and keep going.

Also while my husband was away, I finished the painting part of my Sedna piece (pictures forthcoming). All I need to do is add details using pens, pencils, and whatever else. Just the details on the eyes and not much more. Then She can be sealed and hung.

She will be hung where my Shiloh Sophia year-long project has been hanging. (Don’t ask me what class it was that I took to create this piece; I totally forget at this point.) This means that that piece, my wisdom piece, is going to be put up for sale. (it’s four feet by two feet, so maybe being close enough to pick it up is a good thing if you are interested–and yes, pictures and information will be forth-coming when I put Her up for sale.)

I have already begun my Hela piece. Hela has started to show up in my life more and more and I want to honor Her for that. This piece has always felt a bit different to me so it may not be done in a portrait style. It may be something more amorphous, more abstract. We’ll see. I only have two or three background layers on Her right now. The Sedna piece I have been working on for two, three, maybe more years…YEARS…so whenever the Hela piece wants to be done it will…I am in no rush to finish it.

What about you? What projects have you completed lately? What projects have you started? How are your current projects going? Do you allow yourself grace when you miss a day of creating or practice?

Let me know in the comments below.