29 Faces In February

photo unsplash.com

New year, new 29 Faces hosted by Ayala Art. Check out all the information from her here.

The goal is to create 29 Faces during the month of February. Basically, any human face, any medium you chose.

For this month (since there is a second 29 Faces challenge in September) I plan to pull together a hand-bound journal just for this challenge. I have some heavy gesso at the ready, as well as mulberry paper scraps to use in the background. The other thing I am doing is choosing one single image of a face and recreating that same face for the twenty-nine days of the challenge.

I am thinking I’ll be using acrylic paints and colored pencils over that for the most part, but you never know.

Will you be participating in 29 Faces this season? What sort of media and background will you be using? Will you be using a reference? Let me know in the comments below.