Traveler’s Notebooks

Photo by Lawrence Aritao on Unsplash

I have spent years buying leather journal covers, and other different journal covers, and all sorts of traveler’s journal covers.

I found some amazing people on Etsy who have made me some of the best journal covers I have ever seen and had. My favorites are sewn with fabric.

However, it dawned on me that I can probably make my own, in the actual sizes that I want and need, with all the pockets I want, with as many pen holders as I need, and all of that. So, I found a class online and I took it.

I am making several Traveler’s notebooks in the ‘regular’ TN size (about 4.75 inches by 8.75 inches) — so that most store-bought TN inserts will fit inside without an issue.

I am starting with fabric and working from there. I haven’t found any leather that I want to work with all that much yet…although I have a few ideas on what I want and where to purchase it from…I am waiting to make sure I can manage everything nicely in fabric before I buy leather. I have also been pondering the idea of making a TN cover for myself out of the rabbit skins I have. I am not all that sure how well the bunny fur would stand up to the abuse I tend to put my covers through.

Before anyone complains, I ensure I buy ethically sourced skins and hides.

I am planning to stick to my fabrics for this round of covers. Then I will try some leather…and maybe I will try the rabbit skin, but I am not promising rabbit skin covers.

I am also making the inserts for the TNs I am whipping up here. (Yes, once everything is done and ready to go, I will post pictures). Each insert will have twenty folios, which will give each eighty pages per insert. I am planning on dyeing the paper before making the inserts. I have corresponding scrapbooking papers to use for insert covers.

At some point, I may be offering these covers and inserts for sale. Stay tuned.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Leave them all below.