Let’s Talk Knitting Patterns for A Sec

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

I received three knit kits over the holidays. Three different summery shirts if I remember correctly. Yeah, I am not sure which ones I received…although I know where the yarn is. The yarn is bagged and the bag is marked with the intended pattern.

I also followed Knitatude and her Twelve Days Of Christmas pattern sale in December. For twelve days in December, she offered a discount on a different pattern or set of patterns every day. I have long loved her work and her patterns. They are easy to work with, easy to read and to understand, and beautiful when completed. I have bought a few patterns where I cannot wrap my head around whatever is going on in the pattern and I have set them aside. This has never happened with a Knitatude pattern.

I currently own no less than thirty-one of her knitting patterns. No, I did not buy them all in December. My goal this calendar year is to knit at least one garment from every single pattern I have paid for (via Ravelry, Etsy, wherever) — including all of my Knitatude patterns–and the three kits I got over the holidays.

I have collected patterns I love for years. This does not mean I have knit (or crocheted) something from every pattern I have purchased. Much like a knit from your books challenge, I am knitting from my purchase library.

My favorites–and the three designers I have stacks of–not even mentioning bundles I have purchased–are Knitatude, Mama In A Stitch, and Sewrella. No, these are not the only designers I plan to work from/with this year, but right now these three are on the top of my list.

Who are your favorite designers? Who’s on your gotta make this year list? How much do you think you are going to complete? Do you have a set goal, like 24 pieces, for this year?

Let me know in the comments below.