Wondering About My NaNoWriMo Project?

Photo take from unsplash.com

Wonder no more.

I did not in any way win NaNo this year. I wrote in total about 10, 000 words or so…and then I let it go. I don’t think I even bothered much to post my new word counts after the first week or so. That is not to say the project is dead. It isn’t. Once I reached a point where I was experiencing too much pressure to write this, do this, make that, clean this, go there, order this, yada yada….I simply sat down and gave myself a chance to breathe a bit.

I now have copious notes about the project/projects…because, if you recall, my intention was to write five different stories around a central theme, about 10,000 words in each story. I did not complete a single story.

However, I found a better footing for the stories I want to tell…and they may not be 10,000 each…and they may all share that central connection, but I am not sure the rest of the tales will hold together as one enough to all be included in a single volume. I feel better separating them out and giving them each the space they need to become what they need to become–which for me is sort of a gift from the gods…being able to say, I’m going to stop X because Y will be better for all of us involved, even though it will take a great deal more time and effort.

In the coming year, we shall see where these tales go…especially since there are so many more than five that want to be written and want to be discussed.

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