Now You Want To Know About My NaSweKniMo Project, Right?

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Yeah. No. It didn’t happen. I can’t even tell you for certain if I knit anything at all during the month of November. I know I bought another pattern, Ursina, because that is the ‘twin’ to the Ursa pattern I bought previously (and nope, haven’t worked a single one yet.)

This month has been a banner month for my knitting, thanks to super bulky yarns. Anything that knits up fast and takes minimal finishing right now is what I want to do. I have knit no less than eight different hats this month already. Yes, eight…already…often there would be two completed hats by the end of the night. I call that a miracle right now with everything else going on with me physically.

I would show you pictures, but I can’t show everything I have made yet as several are for gifts.

I can show you this year’s Mandatory Santa Hats (demanded by my youngest).

One for him:

One for his dad:

One for me:

I am also supposed to knit his sister one, but I have to buy the black yarn demanded first (by him, for her–black fits).

Now, on top of the hats, I actually joined a KAL, which I am dearly loving and already planning to knit at least two or three more once December has come and gone. The Hygge and Hearth Scarf Advent KAL.

It’s a simple pattern. I am using worsted weight yarn instead of fingering. I am using US 8 needles because that it what I found first when I went looking for my needles (I’m not very organized at the moment and it drives me nuts.) I am two days behind on the KAL because I took two days to knit up some very quick hats for gifts and to appease the small boy’s demands for hats for him and for others. I just joined the fourth color when, as you can see here, I had to stop knitting … for the knit. (Kyle, the cat in question, bites…and scratches…and raises up the demons from Hel or wherever she calls hers in from — so we don’t piss off this cat…)

After all of this is done, I am required, apparently by the laws of Motherhood or something, to knit my boy his Flax sweater in his chosen yarn–after I sew the holes in all his pants (only three pairs right now) and fix the holes in two of his blankets…then I shall finish spinning all that straw into gold that is just lying about in the house, ya know…

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