Personal Aside

It’s Just Me.

So, I had many plans in mind for this month…and I have been struck this month with a wave of migraines. Some of it is due to allergies because all the poor trees around here are so confused by weather that goes from 32 degrees one day to 72 degrees the next day and so forth. Not that we aren’t. My youngest, although he loves the warmer weather, gets rather upset with Mother Nature when it goes from warm to cold because it is supposed to be COLD. There is supposed to be SNOW. It’s time for the holidays and there must be snow on the ground for presents to be delivered and for the season to be enjoyed. Frankly, I’m with him; however, we live in the Midwest here in the middle of City–which means little snow for the most part. But–we can hope, right?

We are slowly shifting back to a steady schedule, slowly getting a settled routine in the works. And yet…we all are having issues with colds and with allergies and with sinus issues. Oh what fun. Unfortunately when I don’t feel well, I need to sleep…but when I don’t feel well I have trouble sleeping…and lack and/or limited sleep = headaches…which in the midst of migraines…things are horrid most of the time.

So–I apologize for the lack of posting throughout the first week of December. I want to say I will do better in the coming weeks, but…no promises. I am human. I plan to do the best I can and to be happy with that accomplishment. Even if it means all I get to do is sleep.

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