Ayala Art’s 29 Faces February 2020 Challenge

Learn more about this challenge here, from its hostess.

Now, I am not going to show my finished pieces until the end … and maybe not even until the end of the journal I am using, so if you’re expecting to see the faces I’ve created thus far–sorry…you’re not going to get much…

This is the journal that I made for this project, specifically:

before binding…

after binding…

Now, the idea for the way I am creating faces for this challenge from Tiffany at Southern Gal Designs here in the video.

Messy India ink faces seemed like a perfect thing for me to play with, for a while too.

The journal I created is made from all sorts of types of papers…some of the pages have already fallen out because the paper was so old.  I took those pages and glued them onto other larger pages in the same book.  I have also had to use washi tape to ensure some other pages didn’t fall out.  I even have a page or two that fell out, I painted a challenge face on it, and it is still just sitting near where I work on the book until I decide what I am going to do with it, whenever that may be.

Now, some pages I do add some paint or doodles or collage or whatever to, before I paint.

When I started I just put down a layer of water wherever I planned to put the paint…here for the eyes, there for the nose, that sort of thing.

Today I started to play with let’s put down the water in a full oval shape on the page and then put the ink down.

I have discovered I have a lot more fun this way…and don’t have any real need to pre-paint or splatter the page or anything first.

Other than my journal–and any random paint or mark-making tools for the backfground– these are the tools I am using for this challenge…

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These are the tools I'm using for #29faces2020

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Not pictured is my little bottle of India ink, which I have to hide from my youngest after I use it every time so nothing ‘accidentally’ happens to it…but a cup of water, a paintbrush, a black Stabilo marks all pencil, a brown Stabilo marks all pencil (that I actually haven’t used yet–it’s apparently hanging around just in case), a water brush, and a Jane Davenport mermaid marker (for those times I can’t remember where I hid the India ink).

That’s it.

I’m not going for realistic.  I’m not going for whimsical.

I am going for watery and open and playful.

I am going for what is fun for me…and let me tell you, I am so enjoying this challenge.

My journal has WAY more than 29 pages, even just working on one side of each page.  I am thinking of finishing off the entire journal this way.  That is how much fun this is.