My Goodreads Challenge 2020

For the past couple of years, I have been doing the Goodreads reading challenge, to help me read more…

I started out with a goal of twelve books per year, but last year and this year I have stuck with eighteen.

What is so bizarre is … I am a devourer of books…and I just haven’t read as much as I want to or would like in the past eight years or so…if not more…

At least this year, I understand what my issue is…I have to make a choice: do I write (which is one reason I am not here more often yet–still trying to find a balance), do I read, or do I knit…and lately…although I have started about five other books…and I keep a journal as well, knitting has been winning out, hands over fist, every single time.

We have joined Owl Crate and Owl Crate Jr, the monthly box subscription, both of which you can find here.

We have actually given up all but one other subscription box for my youngest because the Owl Crate Jr box is his absolute favorite box that he has gotten…and we have tried out quite a few.

I gave up my other writers monthly box subscription for Owl Crate for myself because I am so much happier with this than I have been with other boxes.  Plus, not only am I reading what comes in the box…I have either bought or plan to buy at some point either books that came in boxes before I became a subscriber…and/or other books suggested by Owl Crate (because every month they offer suggestions for other books in the same genre/theme as that month’s book), as well as other books by the authors of the books sent by Owl Crate.

I am also not helping myself by having books that need to be worked through, not just read…so it tends to keep my score down.  But, at least I keep working towards my goals, in all things, slowly but surely.

Do you have reading goals for the year?