Melangell: My New Hobonichi Weeks

You can see the Bow And Tie: Bunnies: 2023 April Start here.

This is the Weeks I am talking about here.

There will be a video forthcoming, which is why I am not posting any pictures of it.

I admit that I had FOMO badly when I saw the original Hobonichi Weeks Bunny that was released last fall.

I have a thing for bunnies. I still miss my buns, but the guinea pigs are filling that niche well at the moment.

Rabbits and Hares have both been a fixture in my Realm for several years now.

I have plenty of lagomorgh paraphernalia throughout my house, including little bunny salt and pepper shakers that I found at a thrift store.

I feel so lucky that I was able to grab a bunny Weeks with Hobonichi’s Spring release. It was an unexpected boon.

Now, when I bought it, I had thought it would be more for personal appointments and family goings-on and whatnot.

However, as I named her, and as I began to decorate her, her true purpose was revealed. She is going to be my Spiritual journal and planner.

On her pages, I will track the Moon Cycle, which is something I have been a bit lax about this year for some reason.

I will also be using her as a prayer journal, as a wishcasting journal, and as a reminder to me of who I am becoming.

These are things that even though I have tried to keep up with them in smaller ways in the past few years, this year I want and need to make more of a priority in my life.

Now, the Bunny Weeks is not a Mega Weeks, as my Ophelia/Writing Weeks is. She has only sixty-eight pages of blank (well, graph) pages in the back.

I will be keeping Moon Cycle Magic readings, and any other sort of reading I do, on those pages. These are Tarot readings, Oracle card readings, and so forth.

I will also make notes of the Spiritual books that I read throughout the year and whatever these books bring up for me.

How I am going to set up the weekly pages?

Right now, I honestly have no idea.

I do know that this planner and I were meant to be together. The very first day of the first week is my birthday.

Now, since Melangell is in Japanese, I put stickers on the pages that I won’t be using. I used a lot of floral stickers on these pages. That is another link, the natural world, to my spiritual practice.

I am not certain what I will or could use the future log pages for. I also saved the My 100 pages because I know I want to use them for something. What, I am not sure yet. I have begun to think that My 100 pages in Ophelia will be a writing project tracker…and the one in Melangell will be an artistic project tracker.

I also have to say, the cover I put her into is amazing. I bought this one from PaperBoundCreations and it is perfect. I added a “Dream Big” charm instead of the cute bow that came with the planner. She is not in a jelly cover, although I have been contemplating getting her one to keep the front safe since I only have the back cover tucked into the planner cover.

Even though I have not actually begun to use this planner, I have started to carry her everywhere with me.

As I said in the beginning of this post, a video is coming soon.