Communing With The Divine

Or Maybe Just Your Intuition While Using Your Grimoire Of Self

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Here is something to try while working in your Grimoire of Self, which you can learn more about here.

How exactly do you hear that small still voice? Every person ‘hears’ that Voice in a different manner.

M — just ‘has a feeling’ when her Spirit Guide is trying to speak to her.

J — ’s stomach does strange flip-flops when her Intuition is trying to get through to her.

S — has incredibly vivid and undeniable dreams that follow her in her mind’s eye in extreme detail throughout her day until she yields to them somehow, like writing them down.

D — draws immaculate pictures of various objects or actions, thus divining the message from his Intuition.

K — does a form of stream of consciousness writing that she calls a form of automatic writing, where it feels to her as if someone takes control of her hand and her thoughts and does all the writing for her.

M — writes the questions down and seals them in envelopes. He stashes the envelopes all over his flat. When he finds one, he will scribble something down on the outside of the envelope. Later, whenever he finds the envelope again, he will open the envelope he scribbled on to find that his scribblings are the answer to the question inside that envelope in some way.

T — opens her favorite book, over even the book she is currently reading, and, with eyes closed, points to a sentence, or paragraph. Whatever she points to is the answer to her question or the advice she saught the time.

T — hears the voice of his father, clear as a bell, speaking to him as if he were standing right there at his side, telling him everything he needs to know or hear.

There is no right way and no wrong way to be able to hear or access this small still voice. Sometimes it is not at all about quieting your own mind enough to hear that voice either. Sometimes you may need to be busy, occupied with something else entirely, to catch a hint of the whispering that is trying to communicate with you.

How you access that communication is as varied an experience as there are people in the Universe.

What I am trying to do here is find a way to offer up as much advice and experience as I can to help you find the way that fits you the best.

Try writing in your Grimoire. Trying drawing or painting in your Grimoire. Maybe collage might help you ‘hear’ more clearly.

Remember, some people never actually hear a thing. For some, it is simply all visceral, all feelings, all gut. Try different methods until you find the one, or the right combination of methods, that works the best for you.