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I have mentioned before on this space that I am a Passion Planner Ambassador.

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Would you like to take part in a 21-Day Gratitude Challenge?

Passion Planner has a free download for you if you click here. There are twenty-one prompts for you to follow and work with and/or through at any time of the year. You can work at your own pace.

Do you have your own regular gratitude practice? Is there a space for gratitude built into your daily planner or planning system?

Do you have a separate journal or notebook where you write out or express your gratitude on a regular basis?

For myself, when I am using only my Bullet Journals, I make sure I have a separate spread for daily gratitude.

For a time, I had a daily page where a space for more than one simple bit of gratitude could be written down, along with quotes, inspiration, and some other bits.

My daily planner, my GoGetterGirlCo planner, has a space at the top of the page for gratitude.

I have been using my GoGetterGirlCo planning since the end of September. It was at the beginning of this month that it struck me that I missed being able to put more than a little bit of one thing in my planner/journal for gratitude. I picked back up my A6 hand-made hand-bound journal that I had made myself for something completely different. I had started using this little book several months ago but had set it aside to use the space provided in my planners. I am now using it again consistently on a daily basis and I feel much better about myself.

On one four-inch by six-inch page, I am able to write what I am grateful for and why. It is the writing of the why that makes it, the practice of keeping up with a gratitude practice, worthwhile to and for me.

I am also able to write three, four, five, or more items for which I am grateful, every single day. The more I can remind myself of what I am grateful, the more relaxed I feel. The more centered and grounded I feel.

How does keeping a gratitude list, or book, or whatever it is you keep for gratitude, make you feel?

Does it help relieve stress? Does it help you feel calmer and/or more grounded?

Do you like to write one or two words per day? Or do you prefer to write out an explanation for your gratitude?

What feels best to you?

Let me know in the comments below.