What Is It That I Do?

Some Things You Can Expect To See From Me

Image by Tabitha Low

I am a writer. First and foremost, this is who I am. I write about what I see. I write about what I do. I create creative prompt journeys. I write stories and poetry. I am currently working not on a novel, but a novella. I am also currently working on two different courses. Plus, in my drawer, I do have three novels outlined and two started that I am waiting for the inclination to either continue or rewrite in a different genre. I am leaning towards a new genre for both of them. Plus, I write essays and blog posts, and newsletters.

I am also an artist. Lately, most of what I have done in this aspect has been larger projects that take longer to complete. I believe the last canvas I completed was four years in the making. I have also been doing a lot of abstract pieces lately to keep the energies flowing. I do doodle, constantly, randomly, on anything at hand, for no reason other than this is what I do.

I make hand-made books. I make art journals, junk journals, bound books, and sometimes I even make artsy books. I gather bits of paper and I tie them together with string between two covers. I frequently use old book covers as new covers for my books. I often hand-dye or coffee-stain the papers I use in my books. For fun, I sew up Travelers Notebooks and create inserts for them.

I knit. I knit mostly for myself and for my family. A lot of the time one of my children will ask me to make them something specific, usually with exacting requirements. This is where most of the knitting patterns that I have published previously have come from. Of late, I have been focused more on what I want and need and how I want to do things. I have a few new patterns coming up in the future.

Now and then, I also crochet blankets. I am not as amazing with the crochet hooks as I am with the knitting needles, but making blankets can be rewarding. I make blankets for family, but I do have at least one knitting pattern for sale.

Last but not least, sewing is on the list of what I do. I told you earlier that I sew up Travelers Notebooks. I am also known to make Shaman’s bags, purses, tote bags, and various and sundry items that children and family ask me to make. I don’t sell sewing patterns. This is typically because I don’t have any or I don’t use any. I have a project in the works where I sew my own wardrobe. I am building up my confidence to get to that space. I have fabric and patterns. I await the necessary courage. But it is coming. It is nearly Summer as I write this and I want some new shorts. Fingers crossed that this is what pushes this project forward.

Join me for more as I go along this journey.