How I Use My Planner To Plan Out And Track My NaNoWriMo Travails

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NaNoWriMo began today.  

Once upon a time, I won NaNo three different years. But, that was a long time ago. Ever since my youngest, now ten years old, arrived, my ‘normal’ life routines went up in flames. 

I am slowly working my way back into those old rhythms. 

This year, that entails participating in NaNo, but in my own way. 

My goal is to write every day, writing at least 500 words each day. 

I am using my planner to help me stay on track.  

On my daily spread, I have write listed on my to-do list (because time blocking does not work with me). I have write 500+ words in my work to-do list. I also have write 250+ words in my personal to-do list. 

I also have a space to record my daily word count on my daily spreads. 

But, I also have NaNo stickers that I bought from the shop foxandstarscreations. I show some of those stickers off in this video I posted on TikTok here

For the record, I bought several sets of writing stickers from this shop. And a few other places. I am in love with the writers stickers I have been finding lately. I will be showing those off in my before the pen planner video I plan to post later this week.  

Another thing that I do is follow several writers, as well as students. I write to the write along with me and study with me videos on YouTube, which has been a very big help. I have been doing this for a few weeks now. Now just for NaNo.  

If you do a search on YouTube for ‘write with me’ or ‘study with me’, you can find a lot of videos to work alongside with. 

One thing I have been thinking about is using one of my old Passion Planner planners as a content creation calendar. I found a small 2022 Passion Planner at Half Price Books the other day (for $3.99 now less) and thought maybe a small calendar would work great for this.  

The plan for this is not just to plan out the days I will be posting where, but to also have topics to write about every day. It would be a continuous writer’s notebook of prompts. The plus side is no matter how many times you get one prompt, you will write something different every time. 

This is currently a work in progress. That means I still have it in pre-production. I have a ton of notes but haven’t solidified what I want to do and how I want to do it. Plus, I have small, medium, and large Passion Planners that I can utilize for this project.  

How are you planning for NaNo this month? If you are. 

Are you using your regular planner? Do you have a NaNo-specific planner? How are you using them? 

I would love to know.  

Tell me in the comments below.

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