Spooky Month Is Right Around The Corner

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My youngest was delighted this year to hear that Halloween “officially’ begins on September 1. We have spent the entire month thus far planning crafts and recipes to try, planning decoration, and planning things I am supposed to knit up and crochet (not even if I had one hundred arms and worked 24/7 for a year would I be able to keep up with the things he tells me I am supposed to knit or crochet!). We have begun to hit the shops and the stores to stock up on as much Halloween and Spook as we can before November arrives and it’s nearly all Christmas and December holidays. When that happens, we are forced to wait another year to find the proper clothing, fabrics, ephemera, toys, you name it. Or at least that is our excuse as I am now working hard to teach him how to make everything it is that he is wanting. So, bonus there if he gets that fire lit under him…until we take him to the fabric store and he starts stacking up the fabric. Argh! But it is a beginning and that is wonderful.

So, this is supposed to be the ‘big reveal’ post for the October theme.

I very much enjoyed having a variety of prompts throughout the month last year, as well as the main daily prompts. So, I think I am going to stick with that this year.

Our main daily prompts are going to be the Men Of Halloween. I know the first thought towards that might be, yeah, ok, Freddy, Jason, Michael. All the “usual” suspects.

Nope. I will admit when I sat down to brainstorm the names of the men of Halloween, those guys came up, pretty fast, but I kept going. I could probably give you ninety to one hundred and twenty days of the Men of Halloween if you wanted, my list ended up being so long.

For the weekly themes, I am going to use the same format each week, but the subjects will be different. The subjects will be broad enough that you never have to worry about not being able to come up with something.

Each prompt will have two parts: one for cinephiles and one for bibliophiles. You will take the prompt, find your topic, and, well, think of it as more of a rewrite of your favorite fairy tale sort of idea. Or take a part of the prompt in question and follow a tangent not shown or mentioned in the book or movie.

Also throughout the month, I will post regular content, simply because this is what I do. I can’t have all prompts all the time, now can I? Even though that is all I have done for the most part in the past.

I will also be posting my own scray little bits and pieces. I will be posting those pieces here on this blog, as well as on my Medium account. Different stories will appear on both forums, so don’t worry about seeing the same stories twice. Hopefully, I will not be making that mistake. I have no intention to do so.

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For the newsletter, the idea is to create something like a “Great Pumpkin Challenge” where I will be talking about crafts, recipes, books, and movies for the spooky season. Things that my youngest and I have been trying, things that we have been looking forward to, things that we have done. The newsletter comes out once a week if you are interested in signing up. Click here to go to the newsletter to sign up.

I think that covers all the bits for the big reveal this year. Stayed tuned. October 1 is just around the corner next week. Prompts start then.

YouTube as of now will remain planner and planning videos. TikTok, I can’t tell you for sure. It will remain for the most part planner oriented, but my youngest has been asking me to make him “Halloween” books…and I have a bunch of Weeks-sized inserts I want/need to make with my Halloween scrapbooking paper. You are probably going to see that as well. Maybe even some Halloween knitting and crochet work as well.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Please leave them below.