Daily Tarot Work

Pulling Cards For Your Day-To-Day

Photo by Ouassima Issrae on Unsplash

Do you pull Tarot/Oracle cards for yourself or for some other reason on a daily basis?

I do, usually. How I do it changes periodically. Not for any other reason than I want to change things up.

I have three different working decks that are my main decks that I use.

The Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani.

Dreams Of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan.

Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy.

Another thing I go back and forth on is where I keep my readings. Sometimes I keep them in my daily memory-keeping journal/bujo hybrid. Other times I keep it in a separate Tarot journal. Sometimes I keep it in my diary journal along with my daily reflections and writing.

No. There is no rhyme nor reason to my why. It’s just whatever happens when I feel like it usually.

How do you do your daily pulls?

Do you pull a single card? Do you pull three cards? Do you do a whole reading with a specific set-up and so on?

Do you have a specific time of day that you pull your cards? Do you prefer mornings before you start your day? Do you prefer evenings after your day is over, or pulling for the next day?

For me, it depends on my day and how I am feeling.

Some days, I pull a single card and journal with it and about it. This single card pull is to give me quick guidance for the coming day.

Other days, I pull three cards. This is to get more of a clear vision of my day. My favorite three card reading for this is: mind, body, spirit. Where will my head be; where will my body be; where will my spirit be. Where here is pretty much interchangeable with how.

I do the same thing with these cards as I do when I pull a singular card. I sit with each card, meditate on it a bit, then journal what comes up for me.

Typically for this, I do not use any sort of guidebook or anything like that because it defeats my purpose of working with my cards and hearing the message they have for me clearly and without interference.

For High Holidays, Full Moons, and New Moons, I will throw cards using a specific reading format. This is so I can do a reading specific to that holiday or Moon time.

This is where I will use the guidebook with this reading, only because I usually do these readings and then come back to them later. Usually, I come back a few hours later, but a few days later does happen as well. That’s when I sit more and journal with the cards and about the reading in general.

Other than doing certain readings on certain days, I do not normally have a set routine or time of day for pulling cards. This is only because I am the person who feeds everything in the house. When I start to move in the mornings, animals start to congregate and demand food. There is no way I can faithfully pull a card and journal when cats are meowing and guinea pigs are yelling and whistling because they are all about to die of starvation if they don’t get their breakfasts. Thankfully, dogs just give me pitiful looks and nuzzles. The fish are silent, but they are insistent and persistent as well.

After everyone gets their food, then I can do whatever I want or need to do. This includes pulling cards, journaling, or anything else.

Here are some three card pull ideas for you:

Stop — start — continue

Opportunities — challenges — outcome

Solution — advice — outcome

Desire — obstacle — solution

Think — feel — do

Dream — reality — fear

You — current path — potential

Do you have any others that you like or use?