The Concept Of Grace

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What is grace? What does it mean to have grace for oneself?

I found this article that expresses it beautifully for me:

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Giving yourself grace is about forgiving yourself no matter what happens or what you do.

I work hard at this, forgiving myself. For the mistakes I have made. For poor choices in my past. For not accomplishing everything I want to accomplish when I want it accomplished. I do the best I can.

Sometimes I need to work at it more than others. I have worked to schedule in time, using my planner, to make sure I remember to do it.

I create space in my planner to sit down with my journal.

I sit down and write about whatever it is that is bothering me, the bad decision, the inappropriate choice, whatever else is bothering me. Then I write about how I can turn that bother, that disappointment, into something else, not something positive, but something full of grace and compassion for myself.

This is where I come to forgive myself. To allow myself to grieve if need be. This is how I find the strength to carry on.

I have a video I made to show you how I give myself grace in my planners and journals. I make mistakes. I leave things out. I don’t fill things in. I skip doing things. I have to allow myself the grace and the space to do these things or else I might drive myself mad.

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