I Don’t Want To Use A Pattern

Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

At least, I don’t feel like finding out if I can make it down and then back up our basement stairs. I had an issue with my knee last week where I couldn’t even walk, much less use the stairs. I am pretty sure I could make it down the stairs, but coming back up again, I am very very iffy about it.

Guess where my sewing patterns for the boy are?

You guessed it–in the basement.

I could send my poor husband down to look for them, but we’ve been moving stuff around. I am not sure I have any idea where to tell him to start looking, much less find where the box of patterns is at the moment.

What I am considering doing is asking him to bring me up a couple yards of the fleece my mother gave us. I am thinking this will make the perfect muslin for me to work on.

Now, I realize that the fleece will be thicker than the cotton Halloween fabric. I realize there will be differences. However, for the moment, what I want and need is the ability to test out what is in my head.

I have tracing paper for patterns in my office, upstairs where I am.

My plan is to take a pair of the boy’s shorts that we know fit and trace them out onto the tracing paper. I plan to repeat this with a pair of his pants that already fit.

I have no plans to make him a pair of fleece shorts

Unless he really wants a pair. I do plan to make him a pair of pants. If I don’t call them ‘pajama’ pants, maybe if I call them sweatpants made out of fleece, maybe then he will wear them. If I say the word ‘pajama’, he won’t even look at them.

What do you think? I know it’s possible to make clothes, especially pants, this way.

How do you think it will turn out?

Have you ever tried making your own pattern this way?

Let me know in the comments below.