Re-Learning Lessons About Fiber

Yarn Or Cloth The Challenge Is The Same Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash I have been knitting for about sixteen years now. (None of the included links below are affiliate links, just websites I appreciate and want to share.) When I began knitting, I worked with yarns I could afford. Squeaky yarn was pretty much the norm …

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Cashmerette And Their Patterns

Photo by tata toto on Unsplash **There are NO affiliate links in this post. So, how long have I been talking about sewing myself a wardrobe? It struck me that there is no reason I cannot sew the weird types of things I like to wear, to be honest. Honestly, as I keep researching things, …

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My Sewing Goals For The Year

photo from Seems a bit odd for me to say that, my sewing goals, since I have not done much sewing in recent years, even though I love it so much. I have a few goals where my wardrobe is concerned.  I have been mightily downsizing for several years now.  I am going to …

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