Grimoire Of Self: What Is The Purpose?

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There are so many types of journals out in the world.

What makes a Grimoire of Self special?

You could always just create an art journal. Work in a Bullet Journal. Take up scrapbooking. Make your own junk journal and fill it up. Use a simple spiral-bound notebook and a cheap pen and make that your diary and safe space.

Of course, all of this is true.

The real difference, at least for me, is the intention that you put into your Grimoire of Self.

You set your Intention for this Grimoire to contain all that you need to learn and grow. It is a repository for your learning, your accessing and acquiring your own personal and beautiful magic. It’s about creating and working with the self you have now and the self you want to be.

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First, let us be clear about what magic I am talking about in regards to this journal.

The word Grimoire itself is typically associated with Magickal communities, such as Witches, Pagans, and/or Heathens.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with incorporating that Magick into your Grimoire of Self, so long as the knowledge comes from you and your own experience versus things you have garnered and/or pulled out of books or off of some online source. This is not a Book Of Shadows we are creating. This is a Book Of Self.

So the Magic in this Book is your own personal Universally-given magic, that with which you were born and is inherently yours by the grace of having been born.

This is the Magic that Society typically beats us down so much during our lives that we never use it, never know about it, or are too afraid to acknowledge it. This Magic is also called our Personal Power.

Personal Power, Empowerment, things especially as women, we learn from an early age are not for us, not in our homes as children or adults, not in the streets of the towns and cities we live in, and not in the workplace.

That is the Magic we lack because for centuries outside forces have taught us through so many different means that to be Human, to be Powerful, to have Boundaries, is not for us, is not permissible, is too dangerous to allow.

In our Grimoire Of Self, we explore those teachings, our learnings, our leanings, and we release the pain. We embrace the Power.

I do not call this “taking back our Power”. I call it finding out where we hid our Power from our very first days and for all our lives and drawing it back out. It is about pulling our own Power out of the Shadows in which it has hidden for so long and embracing it.

We are not Drawing Down The Moon. We are drawing, teasing, negotiating with, enticing all the Power that we have within us, sometimes burrowed deep with our Shadows. We are moving those Shadows into the Light and Embracing that Power. Using that Power to help ourselves move forward is the purpose of the Grimoire of Self.

All of that teasing and negotiating and enticing and dancing and everything else we do to locate and access that Power, our Power of Self, and of how we then use that Power, this all goes into the Grimoire of Self. This Grimoire is what we come back to when the World shoves us and tries to put us back into the box it wants us in.

Your Grimoire is a reminder of who you are, of who you were, and of who you are growing into…and why.

So that you can stand up for yourself, empower yourself, and move past the box the World wants you in.

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