Two Ways To Create Your Grimoire Of Self

Art and Photo By Author

I come from a mixed media art sort of background.

I also Bullet Journal, but not the super-arty super-fancy bullet journaling you see all over the place online. I like a little color. I like washi tape. I like stickers.

I also junk journal. I love tuck spots and pockets and belly bands. Dangling bits and ribbons and lace can be a thrill for me to play with.

Some of the entries for my Grimoire series read quite similarly.

Same steps. Same actions. Different topics covered.

What you don’t see, at the moment, is the behind-the-scenes where I am working to pull everything together.

This includes working up two different sides of each tutorial.

On the one side, you have the more artsy mixed media space. On the other side, you have the minimalist style of pen and page, maybe some photos taped in.

Either way is ok. Either way is perfect.

The whole point of the journal, especially and specifically this journal, is to make it exactly the way YOU want it.

Don’t do every single step I do, using the exact same pen brand in the exact same color. Don’t paint using the exact same brush using the exact shade of paint from the same company. Don’t use the same notebook to create your Grimoire in.

Don’t do every little thing I do because you are not making a Grimoire of Tabitha, or of Tabitha’s self…you are making YOUR Grimoire for You, for YOUR self.

Now, if you love the pen I am using — or the paint I am using — or the book I am using …then, of course, do it, use it.

Remember, I might be leading the group. I might be teaching the class. But you are the one creating this Grimoire for you. Take what I say and what I show and then make it your own.