Remember Where You Were When

photo by Tabitha Low

Your Grimoire is also a place you can come back to later to see where you were and what inspired you when you come back to a volume years later.

As you can see from the above example, you can add just about anything to your spread.

It can be one page or two pages per spread. Or more, if you are so inspired.

You can see along the right side of this page that whatever is on the right side of this two-page spread has leaked over onto this page. This is ok.

You can leave the background blank, as always, if this is your preference. You can paint or collage or doodle or whatever you want for your background.

What you see leaking over from the other page is a doodle done in colored pencil. It was literally just me playing with new colored pencils while trying to figure out what I needed to get for the new guinea pigs we had picked up.

You can add colored pencils or anything that you can see through, like transparent stickers or washi tape, after you write things down. You want to be able to read what you write down.

You can also illustrate your ‘currently’ page as you like. Favorite flower? Sketch out and color in a little flower. Favorite meal? Maybe a little doodle of a bowl of your favorite ramen. Pets? Add in a doggy doodle or a kitty paw print. These little things make the pages your own, throughout your grimoire.

You can use the list in the photo above to choose your topics: watching, listening to, weather, reading, loving, questioning, working on, drinking, traveling, admiring, making, embracing, overcoming, idea, shopping, restaurant, cooking, wanting, learning, fitness, looking forward to, celebrating, wearing, disliking, waiting on.

I found the topics I used by perusing Pinterest. You can search currently page. These pages are done a lot in the bullet journal community, so you will have lots of examples, some artier than others.

You can choose as many or as few topics as you like. You can make this spread as frequently or as infrequently as you like.

When I make this spread I always think years down the road not only myself looking at it, but my children, and their children, so they know–that weirdness comes from somewhere, and yep, it was probably me.

Remember to date your spread somewhere. It doesn’t have to be very obvious. Years from now, when you look back at this volume of your Grimoire, you want to know, this was done on this date, while this was one a month later, or a month earlier. This way you can see where you were and how you were feeling when.