So Long, Farewell

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So long, KanBan Board.

After having waxed so poetic over the joys and promises of the Kanban board…yeah, it is time for me to admit defeat and let it go.


Oh, I do love being able to do a brain dump and then put everything on a post-it note. It makes such perfect sense to me. That part works so well for me.

The part not working for me is the gathering up of the post-it notes and sticking them into my Kanban notebook (a notebook used strictly for holding my post-its in a pre-determined order while I work through them). Although plucking a note from the page and folding it up to stick it in my completed tasks job can be very satisfying, the fact that it was SO easy to simply keep scooting the post-its to the next day, to the next week, when the tasks were uncompleted made using this system untenable for me.

Creating the notes was the best part for me. I really don’t much care about filling up my completed task jar. It’s not that big a jar. It’s not that big a deal. Completing tasks is my main desire. I had reached a point where folding and squirreling away at least one post-it note per day was a good thing. It wasn’t enough. I wasn’t getting enough done. Not even if I did something not on my Kanban board and created a post-it for that task. It wasn’t enough and I felt as if I were growing a field of post-it notes and that nothing real was getting accomplished–other than planning and moving post-its.

And so…I am dropping the Kanban board, although I still have a ton of post-it tasks waiting to be completed.

What I am doing now is doing my brain dump, dividing the tasks up, and then writing them on a specific day’s to-do page. The to-do page is another page I have added to my daily set-up/memory-keeping journal so it is right there and I can’t miss it. Any tasks not completed are migrated, by hand, to the next day’s task list.

Easy peasy, right?

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