In Addition To My Bullet Journal Hybrid

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

I have finally conquered the kanban board.

I haven’t even considered using a kanban board because for some reason my brain would not wrap itself around the concept. Whatever I was watching or reading used too much information or too much jargon or something and my brain revolted. Scribbling things in a planner worked for me, so why fuss and fight over things?

Then I watched a plan with me video where everything made sense. Everything just clicked. No jargon. nothing fancy. Nothing about moving to a digital system or anything like that after figuring things out.

I cannot remember what video it was as I was following the rabbit down the hole on YouTube one night weeks ago, but there it was…a simple plan with me video. The lady in question wrote out all the goals she wanted to accomplish in the next quarter and then some onto a piece of a grocery bag. She rewrote her list, more clearly and in more detail onto another piece of paper where she sorted things by category. From there, she pulled out sticky notes. Each task she put on a sticky note. Each sticky note she put in a specific order under the proper headers on a piece of poster board. Then she was finished setting up her kanban board.

She never used the term kanban board. The video was short, sped up, and had no talking whatsoever. It has to be one of the best plan with me videos I have ever seen. If I remember WHO made that video, I will definitely come back and update this post.

This whole idea makes so much sense to me…and I am in the process of figuring out which tasks are able to be completed this quarter (quarter two). Ninety days. How much can I actually get done off of my want to-do and have to-do lists. In relation to my health, how much can I realistically expect to complete?

How about you? What sort of planning have you done in quarter two?

Leave me comments and questions below, if you please.