Word Of The Year Check-In

photo unsplash.com


This month has been … amazing. That New Moon in the first, New Moon in Aries, gave me a big push to get things done, to get things moving, and to make a bigger plan and stick with it.

Thankfully it also helped me get out of my tunnel-vision of day-to-day minutiae and look out towards the long view and work from there to here…and back again.

I have been trying to follow and adhere to models of work that I do not identify with. The ‘tried and true’ things that other people have done and do…

This month my integrity towards myself and towards my core focus has blossomed into some beautiful creations…and these will continue to bloom and thrive throughout at least the rest of the year, if I can keep up with myself physically.

At least I have my plans drawn up…and I know where I want to go…and how I want to do things.

I plan to do things my way, without having to ride the coattails of those who have gone on to ‘great success’ and whatnot…I am going to do what I do and continue to move forward every single day.

I haven’t felt this light, this good, this determined, in many years…and I like it.

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