April Is Coming

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

April will be here in a few days. I do not have plans this year to do a daily poetry prompt for National Poetry Month (April). I have been giving thought to sharing some of the small stones I have been writing for the past few months. But other than that, I may not do anything else. I have had some lovely new health issues crop up. Maybe because of old health issues; maybe they are new entirely on their own. My doctors and family and I are working through it, so don’t worry. Although I wake up with a plan for most of my days that includes getting items ticked off my to-do list –and there are days when my body says, oh no no no…so I do the best I can. Since this is a newer diagnosis, we are still working our way through it. I am not going to be pushing myself for any reason–other than to work on healing and getting healthier.

So, the only prompts that will show up here in April will be the normal Wednesday prompts.

Now, Camp NaNo is also running next month as well. Will I be participating? I think I might, but I am not going to have very high goals. I am thinking maybe 300-500 words a day — on my non-fiction project…if I manage that whole affair correctly, I may be able to finish the initial run-through of that project. Maybe not a rough draft; maybe a rough rough draft of things. So there is that. I have some trackers I need to add into my planner to keep me on track there…although my actual outline isn’t as complete as I would like it to be. But then again, I am also thinking of shifting my planner setup. Yeah, I know. There are what, three days of March left after today and I am contemplating a complete renovation of my system.

I finished taking Jennibellie’s Creative Goal Journaling Class (not an affiliate link) and I am looking at things a bit differently when it comes to my bullet journaling and tracking and everything else. If I can manage it, I need to take a day and toddle off to the library for a few hours and do a goal planning session. This way I can finalize all my ideas and desires…without all the usual interruptions and noise–and cat assistance…

What will you be doing during April? let me know in the comments below.