Checking In With My Decomp Planner


So, this far into March, this deep into my dot grid Decomposition Book as my planner/bujo hybrid, I am going to let you know…I have been loving it.

Each day gets its own two-page spread. There has been plenty of room for me to add things when the want/need arises. I use one side of the spread for memory keeping and the other side for tracking, mostly. I tip in a daily to-do list if I have one for the day. It’s been terrific.

In this dot grid notebook, there are 140 pages (that counts each front and back). I have three of those unnumbered and left as Index pages, right at the front. I will probably only use two of them as index pages by the end of the notebook so I will collage something in or sketch in something on that other reserved page, once I finish the notebook.

I keep my planning pages for the month at the front of the book. I have a monthly spread. Each week I have a weekly spread, check-ins, action planning pages…then each day gets two pages for a daily spread. I do do a mid-week check-in (when I remember to–I had to start writing that in on my weekly action plan list so I wouldn’t forget.). On Wednesdays, I do the check-in on a separate piece of paper and then tip that into the book.

By the end of March, with the monthly reflection at the end included, I should have used up about one hundred pages in this journal. I will have thirty or so pages left in this book for April. However, I am not going to start setting up my April monthly spread–or my usual planning pages for a new month–in this journal. I could. It’s about ten pages that I need to use for that beginning of the month goal planning and whatnot…which would leave roughly twenty pages for April…and then I would be moving into a new notebook before the second week of April–which would mean I could either transfer all the April monthly planning stuff to the new notebook–or I could do the planning for April in the new notebook and just do the weekly spreads and daily spreads for April in the current notebook until I run out of pages and have to move to the next journal.

I find myself liking that a lot more these past few days…especially because that will mean I can start April now instead of having to wait until the last day or so of March to start working on April’s set-up. In the April notebook, that means only part of the notebook will be dedicated to April and *should* leave more than enough room for the entirety of May (fingers crossed anyway).

Now, after shooing my cat off my computer twice and deleting all of his remarks–twice…I’m going to end this post as quickly as I can before he takes another shot at it.

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